Learn about ten events that changed the history of the world in this new episode from the series 100 Events That Changed the World. We will talk about events from Mercator’s projections all the way to Sir Isaac Newton and his Principia.

Audio Episode

100 Events That Changed the World 41-50

Mercator’s Projections Revolutionize Navigation

Mercator's Navigation

The English Renaissance and The Bard

William Shakespeare

Counter-Reformation Brings New Art and Rembrandt


Tea Arrives in Europe and Changes the World

East India Company

The Royal Roots of Opera and Ballet

Opera and Ballet

The Bible Gets A New Translation

King James Bible

A Monument to Love: The Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Catholic Church Puts Galileo on Trial

Galileo on Trial

Tasman Explores the “Great South Land”


Newton Publishes His Laws in Principia

Newton's Principia

Comprehension Check

Answer the questions based on your understanding of the episode 100 Events That Changed the World 41-50

Gerardus Mercator is most famous for being a ______.

Which of the following is NOT true about William Shakespeare?

Who was the counter-reformation movement led by?

Where is East India Company originally from?

What was Monteverdi's famous opera about?

Which English king or queen ordered the translation of the bible into English?

Why was the Taj Mahal built?

Why was Galileo put on trial?

Who first thought there was a great continent in the southern region of the Earth?

Which of the following was NOT among the work of Sir Isaac Newton?

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