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Who said video games are only meant to be played? While this is completely true, in English Plus, we have turned some of the best games with the best stories into video series, and because we are English Plus, we have included tips and a little information in every episode that will improve your English, and for every episode, there will be a post on the website with quizzes to check your understanding, comprehension, and more is coming to this new and exciting English Plus Project.

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The Art of Horace Pippin | Word Power

The Art of Horace Pippin | Word Power

In today’s Word Power episode, we will talk about the art of Horace Pippin. There are many things in this life that we call art, and art does not take our understanding of any of the intricacies of color, light and shade, or the many different techniques there are in art, and that’s why art is truly for everyone. You might have heard of Da Vinci, Picasso, Monet and other great and famous painters, but in today’s Word Power episode, we will talk about one of the less talked about great painters of the twentieth century — we will talk about the art of Horace Pippin, and we will learn ten new words in the context of our story for today.

The Last of Us Episode 01 | All Is Lost

Welcome to English Plus Learning Video Series, The Last of Us Episode 1, All Is Lost. You will watch the first episode of The Last of Us Learning Video Series and you will learn a few words and expressions as you watch. What seemed to be a happy birthday night turned out to be full of horror, heartache, and loss.

Paul Revere | Short Reads

Paul Revere | Short Reads

PAUL REVERE On April 18, 1775, in the dark of night, Paul Revere awoke to pounding on his door. Friends brought news: British troops were on the...

Exercise | Short Reads

Exercise | Short Reads

People exercise to keep healthy. They exercise to lose weight or to stay fit. They exercise to make their muscles bigger and stronger. Maybe you play soccer or some other sport for exercise. Getting exercise can be fun and can make you feel good.
Exercise is a big part of staying physically fit. People who are physically fit are alert and full of energy. Exercise can also help people handle stress. Exercise is especially good for children, teens, and older persons.

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