Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction Podcast

Welcome to Fact or Fiction by English Plus, your go-to podcast for unraveling the truth behind the world’s most common beliefs, misconceptions, and myths. Join your host, Ben, on a curiosity-driven journey through topics as diverse as history, science, animal behavior, and inventions.

Are goldfish memories really as short as three seconds? Did Thomas Edison invent the light bulb, or is there more to the story? Can lightning strike the same place twice, or is it a one-time event? Is the Great Wall of China visible from space, or is that just a tall tale? And are bats truly blind, or is that just a nocturnal myth?

In each engaging and informative episode, we dissect these claims, diving deep into their origins, the facts that support or refute them, and the scientific or historical context that surrounds them.

Fact or Fiction isn’t just a podcast—it’s an exploration of the world around us, pushing us to challenge what we think we know. So tune in, keep an open mind, and let’s discover together: Is it fact, or is it fiction? Don’t forget to subscribe to stay up-to-date with our latest myth-busting adventures.

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