The Last of Us Episode 02 | Only Surviving

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Joel and Tess agreed to smuggle Ellie outside of the city all the way to the Capitol Building, but they have no idea how precious or dangerous the cargo they’re carrying is. From now on, every step is riddled with all kinds of dangers you can imagine. But what will they do when they find out the true nature of the precious cargo they are smuggling out of the city? Will they carry on with their mission, or will they go back to the city? We will see all that in episode 3 from The Last of Us Series

The Last of Us Episode 01 | All Is Lost

Welcome to English Plus Learning Video Series, The Last of Us Episode 1, All Is Lost. You will watch the first episode of The Last of Us Learning Video Series and you will learn a few words and expressions as you watch. What seemed to be a happy birthday night turned out to be full of horror, heartache, and loss.

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