What Do You Know about Crime?

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Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.

A ______ broke into our house while we were away this weekend and stole our TV.

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Drug ______ who sell heroin to teenagers are among the worst kind of criminals.

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Car ______ in this area is increasing. Fifty cars were stolen last week.

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Fourteen football ______ were arrested after the match. They were fighting and throwing bottle onto the pitch.

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He should have taken a taxi home after the party. He got stopped by the police and lost his license for ______.

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He was doing 80 kilometers an hour in the center of town. He was caught ______ on a camera.

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He's scared to walk home from school on his own because last week some ______ in the year above him broke his personal stereo.

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If you park on a double yellow line, you might get a parking ______.

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In court, the ______ said he should stay in prison for the rest of his life.

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She was arrested for ______. She stole a pair of jeans and a sweater from a clothes shop.

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Some people think that the ______ on TV and films leads to crime.

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The health center wall has some big red ______ on it. They'll have to repaint the wall.

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There was a big fight between two ______ of teenagers outside the club. Seventeen people were hurt.

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Two armed bank ______ got away with $200,000 yesterday.

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Two guys ______ a friend of mine recently and ran off with her handbag.

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Vocabulary Quiz Intermediate | Crime

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