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Choose the best verb to complete the sentences below

Alice and Max are learning to ______ the tango.

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We usually ______ football songs on the bus.

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I feel tired today because I didn't ______ last night.

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He doesn't go to the beach because he can't ______ very well.

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I always ______ to the news on the radio in the morning.

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Are we going to ______ to the airport or go by bus?

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It's a really sad film. It made me ______.

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I think I'll ______ some emails tonight.

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Jim Carrey is so funny. He always makes me ______.

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Don't ______ all the orange juice now. Leave some for breakfast.

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I always ______ the newspaper before I go to work.

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The bus is at the stop now. If we ______, we'll catch it.

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She's not hungry. She doesn't ______ any cake.

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I'd like to ______ medicine at college.

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Shall I ______ the milk in the fridge?

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Learning Quizzes - Missing Verbs 1
Uh, Oh?! I bet you can do better next time.

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Well, you might have a problem deciding on the right verb to use in each sentence, but don't worry; we've all been there. Listen to my podcasts, especially Do You Know, which will expose you to an intermediate level of English that you need to familiarize yourself with the language, and I'm sure you'll get better and better every day 🙂
Oh, Good! You know your verbs!

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That's a good effort! I know you have missed a few, but that's not the end of the world; you have learned a few as well. Think about that, and I bet if you take the quiz again, you will have a perfect score. What say you?
Oh Wow!!! That's a great result!

Well, you definitely know your verbs, so why don't you try some more challenging quizzes in the activity center? You can do it!

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