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Decide which of the two options you would normally follow in your own life. Do not try to think about the better answer. Just choose what you would really do in real life.

You are eating dinner at someone’s house. You are full although you haven’t finished everything on your plate.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 2

Someone is prying into your private life by preceding questions with “I know perhaps I shouldn’t be asking, but …”

A habitual moaner starts complaining to you about their life.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 5

You are in a two-star hotel and the air conditioning in your room doesn’t work.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 6

You have an outside table at a restaurant. Someone on the next table starts smoking.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 11

Someone who you lent $10 to still hasn’t paid you back.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 13

A work colleague invites you to their party and you are expected to buy them a present whether you go or not. You don’t want to go.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 16

At a restaurant you ask for your steak to be well done. The steak arrives medium-rare.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 12

You are out for dinner with friends. At the end of the meal the waiter gives you the bill.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 19

You order a soft drink at a restaurant. The drink arrives but two thirds of the glass is ice.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 15

You’ve been blamed for misplacing something, which in fact you’ve never touched.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 3

You enrolled on a course held by what turns out to be an ineffectual and poorly-prepared professor.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 18

Your partner’s friend always kisses you when they greet you. You don’t like being kissed by this person.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 8

Your elderly aunt calls you on the phone at a very busy moment.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 1

You have been slightly overcharged at a shop.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 10

The food you’ve just had in a restaurant is not up to scratch and the service has been inadequate.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 7

One of your neighbor’s dogs barks loudly at 5 o’clock every morning.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 17

You are on a diet imposed by your doctor. At a friend’s house they offer you a piece of their birthday cake.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 14

You are in a hurry at the supermarket. All the queues are very long.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 4

At work someone asks you to do a task that they are supposed to do themselves.

Personality Quiz 3 Question 9

Are You a Victor or a Victim?
You Are a Victor

You Are an Victor

You are a Victor! You rarely regard yourself as being the victim of the negative actions of others, as you realize there is clear evidence that such actions were only perceived by you as being negative and that this perception is due to habitual thought processes. Instead, you learned in childhood not to be a victim and to be responsible for your own actions - both successes and failures.
You Are a Victim

You Are an Victim

You are a Victim?! you probably have many of the following characteristics. You lack self-confidence and are easily influenced by others. You have some difficulty in communicating with others and in establishing and maintaining boundaries. Because of your low level of self-esteem and high level of shyness you find it hard to say no (you basically want to please everyone). You may or may not be setting yourself up to be a target of victimization, and you may or may not be eliciting the sympathy of those around you, but whatever the situation you need to learn to have more confidence in yourself and take more responsibility for your own actions and feelings.
You Are Somewhere in Between

You Somewhere in Between

You have characteristics from both being a victor full of confidence and being able to own your actions, both the right and wrong ones, but sometimes you tend to please others because of the little lack of confidence you have. Maybe, you should decide on certain things and be on one side or the other.

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