How Well Do You Know Traveling Words?

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Choose the best word(s) to complete the sentences below.

It was an awful ______ — there was lots of turbulence, and one of the cabin attendants actually fell over.

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The cost of ______ has fallen steadily, which is nice for us but not great for the environment.

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From Vienna to Vladivostok is a book about an amazing train ______ across Russia.

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Tragically, the Titanic sank, on her maiden ______.

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I met my husband on a romantic ______ around the Caribbean. He was sea-sick and I nursed him.

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Do you want to come on a day-______ to Cambridge?

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The annual school ______ was always to the same place, Stonehenge.

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It was a classic ______ — flight, bus, hotel, everything included.

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We're planning a long ______ across the Pyrenees, taking tents and everything with us.

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A guided ______ of Manchester? How exciting!

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In 1953 a British / New Zealand team set out on an historic ______ to conquer the world's greatest mountain, Everest.

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Your ______ will include two days in the Masai Mara reserve, where you will see lions, rhinos and lots of other spectacular wildlife.

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Vocabulary Quiz Advanced | Traveling Words
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