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Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence.

I really must go and lie down for a while; I've got a ______ headache.

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A splitting headache is a very severe and painful one.

Stop ______ about the bush, James! Just tell me exactly what the problem is.

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To beat about the bush is to avoid the point at issue.

I usually buy my clothes ______. It's cheaper than going to a dressmaker.

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Off-the-peg clothes are made in large numbers and sent to shops, not made specially for a particular person.

David's leaving on Friday. I suggest we all ______ and get him a going-away present. $10 should do.

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When a number of people chip in, each person gives some money so that they can pay for something together.

The sky got very dark and soon it began to ______ down.

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If the rain buckets down, or if it buckets down with rain, it rains very heavily.

My father ______ when he found out that I'd damaged the car.

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To hit the roof or to go through the roof is to get extremely angry or become furious.

If you want an apartment in the center of the city you have to pay through the ______ for it.

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To pay through the nose is to pay an exorbitant price.

I caught the last bus by the skin of my ______.

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By the skin of one's teeth means by a narrow margin; only just

Because the owner wanted a quick sale, the house went for ______ —only $50,000.

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If you buy something for a song, you buy it for much less than its real value.

You didn't think I was being serious did you, Brian! It was a joke! I was pulling your _______, that's all.

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To pull someone's leg means to tease, fool, or make fun of someone.

The accident was caused by a taxi driver _______ the traffic lights.

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That means the taxi driver pulled away before the traffic lights had changed completely to green; he didn't wait for the traffic lights to change to green.

Lend me $30, please, John. I'm ______ at the moment.

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If you are broke, you have no money.

She would do anything for her youngest son. He was the _______ of her eye.

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We use the apple of one's eye to mention a person or thing that is very precious or much loved.

I always get ______ in my stomach before visiting the dentist.

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If you have butterflies in your stomach or have butterflies, you are very nervous or excited about something.

Those second-hand cars are selling like ______. If you want one, you'd better buy one now before they're all gone.

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To sell like hot cakes means to be sold rapidly and in large quantities.

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