Can You Use the Right Preposition to Talk about Your Job Responsibilities?

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Complete the following sentences with the correct preposition, or in some sentences no preposition is needed, so choose the best answer to complete those sentences about responsibilities at work.

I head ______ the marketing department at Power Enterprises.

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I report directly ______ Mr. Power himself.

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I look ______ a department of about 30 people.

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I deal ______ all the major aspects of the company's marketing strategy.

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I liaise ______ the other members of the management committee.

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I listen carefully ______ what our customers say.

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I handle ______ one or two of the major accounts myself.

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I'm working ______ a very important account at the moment.

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I also monitor ______ the general situation in the market place.

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We carry ______ market surveys regularly.

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We test ______ new products on groups of consumers.

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I am also involved ______ one or two of Mr. Power's takeover projects.

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Can You Use the Right Prepositions to Talk about Your Responsibilities?
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It's not a good result, but that doesn't mean that you haven't leaned new things today. Look on the bright side and think about what you have learned, and maybe retake the quiz and get a higher score this time. Time spent learning a new thing is never a time wasted.
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You know how to use prepositions. That's good! There are still some you missed, but I bet you learned a lot from those mistakes you made. Maybe, retake the quiz and get a perfect score. What say you?
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Oh, Wow!!! Wonderful result. You really know how to use prepositions to talk about responsibilities. I'm so proud of you and maybe, you should go a head and learn other things from our quizzes and activities on English Plus.

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