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Among the many domestication efforts, men have always tried to domesticate women. Nowadays, it is unsaid but most of the times meant. The hidden truth is still the truth. The men are the heroes fighting outside leaving women behind to fight within. The honor of a man must show, but a woman’s honor, like her heart must rot within. How could you tame what’s not wild? How could you domesticate what’s not a pet? If you think you are, she is not. She has every right to humanity, which you have not.
I love being a man because that is who I am, but one thing I do love more, I love being a human.

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That house I daily look upon—
that hill above, that hill below;
moments away till life begins
the hearth and home
have burned me out, almost,
outside awaits the show.

A soldier a long way would go
through blood and tears and lots of snow;
nothing will wait for him to lament
a friend he buried a day ago—
the cause is hungry,
the cause’s in a hurry;
a wolf bares not to wait,
the sharpened teeth are ready
to devour yet another one,
a patriot fighting for god and home—
foolish causes believed by the true
And all the wolves in the valley roam.

I am that soldier here at home;
I am a woman devoured day by day
to please them all, but not myself—
to stay a lamb and die at home
or live a wolf and die alone?
A domestic woman mourned
or a wild woman unforgotten?

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