Vocabulary Builder Set 03

Activity Type

English Learning Activities

Activity Level


Time Needed

30 Minutes

Vocabulary Building Set 03 Wordlist

  1. operative
  2. sobriquet
  3. indecorous
  4. conducive
  5. pouch
  6. infuse
  7. startling
  8. bespeak
  9. mass
  10. peregrination


Introduce yourself to the 10 new words included in this vocabulary building set, and start learning their meaning with definitions, example sentences and images to make sure you remember the words for a long time.

Vocab Learn

Now that you know the words, it’s time to make sure you still remember the meanings, learn them and add them to your active vocabulary bank.


Now is the time to check if you have mastered the spelling of these new words, but don’t worry, if you still have a problem spelling the words from this vocabulary building set, after this activity, I guarantee that you will never forget how to spell these new words.


Now that you have learned the words, why don’t you try to play a little game of matching to review what you have learned and to see how fast you can remember the words.

Vocab Test

It’s time to test your knowledge and take a little test to see how far you have gone learning these new words from English Plus Vocabulary Building Sets.

Crossword Puzzle

Let’s have some fun and try to solve this crossword puzzle based on the words you just learned. It’s going to be interesting to see how fast you can do the crossword puzzle.

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