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Do You Know Artists Musicians and Writers

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10 Episodes

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0.5 Hours

What is Do You Know Artists, Musicians and Writers Series?

In Do You Know — Artists, Musicians and Writers, you will learn about 10 famous people and practice your listening while at it using the premium PDF provided for my Lifelong Learners Clan on Patreon.

Listen to the first epsiode and check out the list of people we will cover in this audio series.

Episode One

Artists, Writers and Musicians | Episode 1 | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

by Danny Ballan | English Plus Intermediate Listening Series

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List of People in the Series

Here’s a list of the 10 people included in this audio series:

  1. Wolfgang Amdeus Mozart
  2. William Shakespeare
  3. The Beatles
  4. Rembrandt
  5. Pablo Picasso
  6. Michelangelo
  7. Mark Twain
  8. Ludwig Van Beethoven
  9. Leonardo Da Vince
  10. Aristotle

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