Business English Marketing

Business English Marketing Audio Series

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Number of Episodes

8 Episodes

Series Length

2 Hours

What is Business English Marketing Audio Series?

In Business English | Marketing Audio Series, you will learn the essential concepts you need to know about in business marketing.

Listen to the first episode of the series, and check the list of episodes below.

Episode One

Business English Marketing Episode 1 | Buyers, Sellers and the Market

by Danny Ballan | Business English Marketing

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List of Epsiodes

  • Episode 1: Buyers, Sellers and The Market
  • Episode 2: Market and Competitors
  • Episode 3: Marketing and Market Orientation
  • Episode 4: Products and Brands
  • Episode 5: Price
  • Episode 6: Place
  • Episode 7: Promotion
  • Episode 8: E-Commerce
  • + Business English Marketing Practice PDF Booklet

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